I'm looking into a 12string and i was wondering what are some good places to start around $200 US.
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schecter have a 12, look on ebay for it

Im pretty sure he talking about acoustic guitars, not electric (im almost certain schecter doesnt make acoustics).

Ive heard Alvarez are awesome for the money.

Edit: i doubt you will find anything to great for 200. maybe a used cort earth?
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erm....12-strings are tough. To find something worth buying new you need to look at spending about $250, maybe even $300.

Check out the Yamaha 720S 12-string and the Washburn D10S 12-string...the wash burn is about $250 and the Yamaha is just a hair over $300 I think...those are both great guitars for the price. You might be able to find something in the same ilk used for $200.

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