Well tomorrow is my first "gig" in a way. I am in jazz band with the school and we have to play tomorrow for all of the middle school and the high school during lunches (the schools are connected and share a cafeteria, haha). Well Ive never played in front of anybody other than friends so Im getting a little nervous. I normally wouldnt be but I have 3 solos to do. The teacher is letting us play You Really Got Me (Van Halen version) so thats mainly what I'm worried about. Any advice? After your first public performance does it get easier? Because I have to do a rendition of Freebird, for the football game on Friday, plus play with the jazz band on Sunday for the whole town, so Im just trying to see if anyone has ways on getting over feeling so nervous because Im normally a shy person, so this doesn't come too natural to me. Also, if you want you can post funny or cool or embarrassing stories about your first gigs. Thanks.
1. Don't wet yourself.
2. Don't show off beyond your abilities.
3. Just relax and treat it as a practice.
4. Interact with the crowd.
5. (and most importantly) DON'T overthink it. If you screw up, don't make it obvious, or start crying ot something.

And yes. It gets almost routine eventually.