Hey all! Well, I'm in a band of 14/15 year olds. We've got a lead guitairst, rythym guitarist/vocalist, bassist (me) and a drummer. We can play songs from bands like Rise Against, Bad Religion, Avenged Sevenfold, Pennywise, and many others from those genres. Anyways, we've been playing together for quite some time and have grown as a band, and we're thinking some new amps are in order (our corrent ones are tiny )

The kind of amp I'm looking for is something like this: Not too expensive (I'm not exactly made of money ), has to be somewhat easy to move (we practice at the drummer's house about 4 miles away, i get a ride, but I don't want it to be a huge hassle to get the amp in the car) and needs to be heard over the drums. At the most, we'll be playing small gigs.

So if this amp even exists (or something close to it does ) I'd really appreciate it if you posted what it's called in this thread. Thanks !
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how much money are you looking to spend?

Sorry, guess I forgot to include that. Well, I'd say $400 at the most. I'm not looking for something extremely fancy, just something that will get the job done.
If your budget has a ceiling of $400, raise another $40 by any means necessary (don't rule out male prostitution) and buy this. You will not regret it.
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i would go with the fender if i were you it has more tonal options and is just friggen amazeing.
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