hey guys im looking for an amp around or under the $200 price range. i need something for gigs around, say 50 people. just something small for now. i have a 10 watt and ya i wanna upgrade. what say you?
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...what music do you play?
willing to go used?
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i bought a crate glx212 for like 300 used. i love it
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ya im willing to get a used amp i play hard rock/metal but i want one that can also play good clean
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vox adv30.the best cleans i've played,good effects,and you can blend channels.the distortion also sounds good with it.200 dollars.just check it out
I just had a Fender FM 212 and It was Awesome! 100 watts and there is so many different types of tone you could get out of that thing. You could spend hours finding great tones. Around in the $200 to $300 price range used though. But still you should check it out.
yea my brother has a fender frontman 212 (FM 212) and it's great. it gets pleanty loud enough and the distortion has a nice sound to it.

dont know how much he payed for it...
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While I can't name any models, various solid state Peaveys can be had around that price used. You should also look at a Crate RFX30. I was checking one out at a guitar center and thought it sounded good for the price. Avoid Solid State Fenders and Marshalls. The Vox ADV30 may also be worth a look.
See what your local Craig's List has to offer. Check out the local pawn shops. When you're looking for gigging power under $200, you're really just looking to get lucky. In my opinion, you make your own luck. I've gotten good deals by tracking 'em down. That's what you have to do. See what you find, and ask about it here if you're not sure.
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orange crush 30r, 200 new. super cleans, and nice overdrive with real spring reverb.

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You can pick up fairly high powered old Crate solid state amps used for $50-150 if you shop around. Maybe some old Peaveys. I don't know about the Crush. The solid state Fenders suck (my opinion.) Other than that anything decent for gigs will be hard to find for $200 unless you are willing to mic.
Try not to go solid state. If you really have to fair enuf but try to save up your money for a ttube amp as you wont be disappointed.