So... I'm currently waiting for the Jeopardy! online test to start. Hopefully, I'll make it. Probably, I won't. and, for you non- americans, Jeopardy is a game show. anyway, anyone else waiting to do this?
Are online tests something new for Jeopardy?

they've had them for a year or two, I think.
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is it to get on to the show?
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I missed the registration

that happened to me last year... this year, I'm planning to dominate, however
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is it to get on to the show?

it's to get on the Teen Tournament, yeah.
if they're all on the same page will u print screen for me? i wanna know my chances.
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when will the teen tournament air? i love owning adults on that show, especially in geography and history. but they get some really smart kids on there.
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all over the place. anything from "Who wrote the novel Persuasion" to "Who sung the song Sweet Escape with Akon".
Oh Shit!
damn! i missed the college registration. someone should have told me about this earlier.
Ha, I just played the free one, and ended with $0.
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damn! i missed the college registration. someone should have told me about this earlier.

Nah man, college registration ends tomorrow.
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Nah man, college registration ends tomorrow.

well, me not realizing today was wednesday pretty much eliminates my chances of being on there anyway, doesn't it?
My friend was on the high school version last year
He won third place.

Haha this made me look him up on youtube.
apparently that's him dropping the f bomb
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i see that, i was merely commenting on how me not knowing what day it was makes me stupid and means that i won't get on jeopardy.
my roommate, who is mad smart, is taking hers tomorrow night.
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I would do it but the Teen Tournament is boring as hell. It's all way to easy. I'm not trying to brag, but the questions are pretty easy. But once I turn 18 I'll probably try out for the adult one.

Good luck to all of you who are trying out. Maybe I'll see you on T.V.

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