The band I play for needs a drummer.

We dont have a specific style of music yet, the lead singer and creator of the band prefers anything from Nirvana - Atreyu, I am more of the hard rock/ blues-y type and the Nirvana/ Alice in Chains type grunge, and trying to get the singer to play some of that stuff too.

We have a singer, rythm guitar, bass, and lead guitar (me).... if you can do some good drumming we could use you, we dont pay unless we had a paying gig that generated money, than we split it

We are in the Waconia, MN area... people around the ages 15 - 20 prefered, most likely will accept others, We prefer you to be close to the Waconia/ New Germany area (which means Victoria, Chan, Chaska, Lester Prarie, etc...)

Drop me a message, my name is Josh