home to more than a million people, manitoba became the first province to separate from the northwest territories in 187...

wait, it seems i have the wrong manitoba. i'll try this again.

richard manitoba, aka handsome dick, is best known for his work as lead singer for the new york city based band, the dictators.

wait, closer, but i think i still have the wrong manitoba. i'll try this one more time.

daniel snaith ph. d., started his career under the stage name manitoba, but in 2004, under threat of lawsuit from richard manitoba (see above), changed to caribou.

i'm going to keep this short and sweet, because i assume most of you have some sort of back knowledge on the subject. if you have no idea who i'm talking about, this might help .

anyway, i remember being blown away by 2005's the milk of human kindness, but eventually looking at it as one of the albums 'made by an electronic enthusiast', and only breaking it out at parties where there was some cute girl i wanted to impress. i didn't really have an intention to pick up the new album, andorra, until i saw that daniel and his band were making their way to my small college town in kansas. within the first five seconds of the album, i could tell this was going to be different. it seems, to me, that there was much more of a collaborate effort between minds on this one.

and this is where i try to coax you into checking out the album by telling you it sounds like your favorite band. on my first listen, i thought to myself- "this is what i wish animal collective sounded like". i doubt anyone, especially anyone who owns a animal collective album would agree with me, but there you go, that's the best i can do.

check out the first track from the album, melody day .

then check out the album.
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i quite like this one from the few times i have listened to it. certainly worth people picking up.

PS: i own animal collective albums.
oooh a new AOTM!

i'll listen to the song tomorrow, i don't have headphones handy at the moment...but it looks to be quite good
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Ok, new band (for me at least)...
listens to track
understands the animal collective comparison... can't really place his finger on what it is, but it is there
bobs head
Music stops playing. youtube hasn't loaded the full video... groans
music resumes, head bobbing resumes

Thank you, I really liked it...
and they say elephants don't know anything about music
i'm actually from manitoba...and i quite enjoyed that album but i only heard it through once and it was a long bus ride and i was tired.
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and they say elephants don't know anything about music

elephants? am i missing something?
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elephants? am i missing something?


I think starsnostars is an elephant because of his user title and his elephant-ish ways.
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I think starsnostars is an elephant because of his user title and his elephant-ish ways.

oh...i get it now. i thought you were saying a caribou was a type of elephant and that just confused me.
i've spent a bit more time with this album and it is better every time i listen to it
The only song I've ever heard by them is "Yeti," from Milk Of Human Kindness. I always thought it was amazing.

So... I guess this gives me an incentive to delve into them more.
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