Woah... that is a beautiful guitar.
Ibanez makes good acoustics, I remember playing one (dont know what model), the action on it was amazing... like playing my strat. And the tone was great too. Sorry but I don't know anything about that particular model but the model I played cost less than that one so I'd imagine the one your looking at is probably better.
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yeah it is really beautiful eh. "vintage violin" colour.. I am close to buying it just doing some more research first. thanks for ur reply
Engleman Spruce is highly prized as a guitar wood. Ibanez makes very good acoustics. I have played a few (not that one) and the necks tend to be very playable (accurate and reasonably slim.) Its a Dreadnought so it should be reasonably loud unplugged and the Fishmans I have heard are decent, though you need to watch feedback. With an acoustic amp that guitar should sound great.