So when playing sitting down or standing up. When i start to solo i feel a lot more better titling the guitar towards my left side of my body. Mostly when standing, i sort of lift my knee up to make my guitar easier to play. My question is, is this bad what i'm doing, is it improper playing? it sort of the solider stance when holding the rifle going mostly towards the left.
I think Brian May does the same on the bohemian rhapsody vid, so i dont think it`s that bad
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Not at all, John Petrucci has little blocks on stage that serve the sole purpose of him putting his foot up on so he can rest his guitar on his leg. I usually play like that as well, becuase its easier to move around when the fretboard is more central.
I play weird, kinda like you said I think.

I stand up, and sometimes put the guitar on my right hip. So it's like this:


Me being the | and the guitar the \. Weird.
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Why would this be improper? You should play in what ever way you feel comfortable. When Hendrix played solos he'd have the neck basically right up against his face...
nah i just wanted to make sure, because i didn't want any of those bad habits people saying when playing guitar. so i guess you guys are right, all about the feel, thank you