I recently bought a used Gibson SG standard (cherry red, sexy beast) to replace my starter guitar and with the higher quality guitar, of course, comes the more sensitive pickups. I play all the old stuff I did with my starter rig and some of it sounds extremely sloppy. Even when i just hammer-on 1 fret on my high e string, all the others strings start to put out that background hum, and the more intensely i play the louder it gets (obviously). When I play more intricate stuff, it gets worse and since most people use good guitars, i figure there must be some way to cut down on it. Also, is there a name for this noise?

amp settings:
gain-3 treb-10 mid-3 bass-3
(don't know if this helps, but i figure that with only 3 gain it shouldn't be that bad, if i turn it to 10 it would be ridiculous)

Is there any way to specifically work on this, or just alot of practice?
I'm sure you're just fretting too hard or something, but maybe it's your action.
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turn up the bass and mids, lower the treble a bit
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dude your guitar must sound really thin with settings like that. turn up the bass, and the mids unless you wanna scoop it.

and gain..... wel 3 might be fine for clean but if you want a distorted sound, turn it up

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change the stardard strings if you havent already, adjust your action, and if that doesnt help you may want to take it in.
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gotta learn to mute with free palms of hands or fingers not in use, i've actually found higer quality guitars to be easoer to play, they make less noise than my starter, so on it i've had to learn to play and not make other strings ring unintentionaly. on good guitars, it's as if they mute themeselves at the right time, almost to a DAmn degree, but maybe its just me, so clean up your noisy playing or get like a noise supressor
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the action is extra low on it, but the strings dont buzz, and i do fret kinda hard because the action on my first guitar was fairly high, think thats the problem? (and i love that thin sound, its extra hardcore)