ok so what if buckethead died, and was replaced. or simply has replacements for his off days. not saying this has happened but think about it. there could be two bucketheads for different shows and noone would ever know. or if he died there could be someone equally as talented put on the mask and noone would know the original was ever gone. buckethead is the freakin shamoo of the guitar world
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no. it doesnt work that way. buckethead is such an original song writer, it would be impossible to recreate his onstage improvisation, let alone his ingenious recorded songs. On a more superficial note, he has very noticable hair, height and dont even begin on his hand sive. there is no way you could mistake someone for him. he has custom made jacksons that are made to fit his gigantic hands.

you, sir, just failed.
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you, sir, just failed.

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yeah simply at the point of his skill level

that guy is ridiculous
"what are good intermediate classic rock covers?"
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alice in chains, stone temple pilots, led zeppelin, play rock and roll by zeppelin, thatll work well, maybe hendrix
and maybe war by meshuggah

buckethead is too great for there to be 2. Even a clone couldn't match up to him.

EDIT: and dont ever say buckethead is dead or talk about him dying.....ever......... EVER!
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yea not probable. Buckethead pwns, definately nobody could ever match up to him in skill, and he's definately more original than anybody else, so real hardcore fans would notice.

Just another thing with buckethead, it would pwn if he started a band, because instrumentals bore me after awhile.