Somewhere in between Sunset Rubdown, Deerhoof, and Lightning Bolt is where you'd find Parts & Labor.

Mapmaker is pretty great, just finished my first listen to it and I really like it and if my mp3 player were working right it would be pumping into my ears for the rest of the week+some. I happen to think the alt/indie crew might too.

Bonus, the one guy has an amazing beard.

The Gold We're Digging (Video)

how come everytime i take the time to make a thread on a band i think people might like pretty much no one responds...is it because my taste is bad?
^ Probably.

I've had the album on my to get list for a while this year but yet to be persuaded to buy it as of yet. Do like what I've heard though.
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didn't like the youtube song you posted much. the voice isn't the best and i found no resemblence to lightning bolt?
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big up on this...

they released a new album yesterday and the internets tell me it is pretty darn good. can wait to listen to it, especially now that they added the new guitarist who does some spacey noise stuff...