I want to customize my mexi-strat some. I'm horrible at putting things on drilling and those sorts of things so im going to take it to the local guitar shop, but I need advice on parts. I plan on getting schaller locking tuners, fender roller nut and perhaps new pickups. What kind of pickups would you guys reccomend? are there any necessary parts that I'm missing out on? I have about $300 to spend. Thanks in advance guys.
do u want cosmetic changes? or tonal changes? if u want the sound to change, what kind of sound do you want to have out of ur strat?

do u want vintage tone? or more modern tone?
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cosmetic or tonal. I was thinking maybe a shielded pickguard too. I like the twangy kinda country sound too if that helps. The vintage fender sound I love.
If your going to go with a roller nut and the whole schibang up on the headstock, I suggest getting graphite saddles.