ok so this is distant future, but i wanna go ahead and start thinking about it.

i DEFINITELY need to get a new amp some time, there's no way around that.

but i've been thinkin about maybe putting new pick ups in...i have just a lame epiphone les paul standard, but from what i understand, it sounds pretty much like the gibson if i up the pups (right now i really have no idea how good it sounds cuz i'm playing it through a ****e amp.) so... really what i'm asking is, would it be better to spend say 300-400 on an amp and a 130 or so on pups, or save it all for the amp?

btw, music i play= white stripes, kings of leon, interpol, led zep, wolfmother, coheed, etc....so a pretty wide range of sounds but all within like a standard rock spectrum...
If you know that you will get a new amp then you should always get that before you get pickups because it much easier to taylor pickups around an amp than it is to taylor your amp around your pickups. Plus you might find that your old pickups are just fine once you get the amp you want. No use spending $150 to $300 if you don't need to, right?
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YOU AMP IS THE #1 PART OF YOUR TONE! so get a good 1 like a epi valve jr. its prob the best all tube for teh price. then you can get pickups from guitar fetish the gfs are dam good or get some bill lawrance l500xl(BRIDGE) and l500R(NECK).
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Your guitar is nice, man. I played a Epi LP Standard on a Laney VC30 the other day, and it was really nice.
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i have an lp standard w/stock pups, and it sounds good. i'm sure with some burstbuckers or something it would sound better, but it's definently not your problem. for the bands you said, a blues jr( or a deluxe) and a tone-bender style fuzz box is what you should get.
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OK, may invite a few sneers here but.......,

I would go with both. I just got an Epi standard, the first thing I did was to pull the standard pickups and replace them gibson burstbucker 1 in the neck and 2 at the bridge (I'm also gonna replace the vol and tone pots for gibson). The pickups are the weakest link on an Epi LP.

I also got a VOX AD30vt which seems loud enough for me and gives a broad spectrum of sounds (great for recording too). Yeah having a decent amp does make it all sound good, but I put the old epi pickups into my ancient epi SG and when i compare them, the LP and its burstbuckers are in a different league - and yes I know that there are other things to condider what with woods, density etc.

But like I said, pickups are the weakest link on an epi standard. Remember, the internet is your friend - If you have a good look around you can get kit for next to nothing these days