hi guys. I've set up a practice schedule for myself today. Kept changing it recently but i think im gonna stick with this fer sometime. So yea was hoping that u guys can comment on it and tell me whether im on the right track.

1) Warmup exercises

2) Left and right hand practice

3) Scale practice(learning 1 box at a time till im able to play it at 130 bpm)

4) Alternate picking practice

5) Tapping

6) Sweep picking

7) learn new solo/song/riff

How long i practice depends on how much time i have. Average around 4 hours per day.. since im having holidays now.

really appreciate it if u guys can give me some feedback!

thanks alot
ehh 3... it inst about speed. you just have to play it perfectly at a decent speed. like triplets at 90 bpm. you mostly want to play slowww and get your muscle memory perfect. other than that, make some theory time. and.. improvise when ever you have more time.
seems more effective than my schedule i only play 2 hours of random stuff :/ mostly my bands songs and some random licks online and riff making.
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oh i forgot to mention bout 3). I play them as 16th notes all the way up to 130bpm to ensure that i can really master that particular box. Yea okay i'll spend sometime on improvising.

about the theory part, i do read some stuff normally in the night after i stop playing.

thanks for the feedbacks.. appreciate it. more are welcome too
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It's good to practice some theory while your playing as well, just so it'll sink in a bit deeper, you know? You can play what your learning and hear it.

yeah. What I do normally is when I practice scales I take either the sharp or flat keys (i alternate daily), play the major scales in order. each scale I think what the scale is, how many sharps/flats it has, and the relative minor. E.g. "Okay, I'm playing G major. It has one sharp: f#, and the relative minor is E minor." that's really helped me memorize my key signatures and relative minors.