Poll: How Long Till You Could Tune
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0-6 Months
31 60%
7-12 Months
5 10%
13-18 Months
3 6%
19-24 Months
2 4%
2 Years +
1 2%
I still cant tune
10 19%
Voters: 52.
Hey guys. Here's the story i have been playing guitar for about 18 months now, and i still cant tune very well and its very annoying. So my question is how long had you been playing till you could tune or can you still not tune.
EDIT: I'm talking about by ear
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By ear, or with a device?

Basically you should just see some theory and practice your hearing and you'll be just fine.

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By ear, or with a device?

Basically you should just see some theory and practice your hearing and you'll be just fine.

By ear. I know i should be able to tune by now. Its really annoying and i have gotten a fair bit of theory practise.
I can't really tune my guitar yet. Been playing for about 13 months I guess, and I can tune from D to drop C and back by ear. If the guitar is just a bit out of tune I can get it back into a proder D standard I guess.

Oh, and I don't know any theory at all, so that shouldn't be your problem. You'll know when the guitar sounds right and not regardless.
Do you mean to pitch or just so the guitar is in tune with itself? If you're asking if people can make the e string an e, then very few people can do this. Tuning a guitar to itself on the other hand is something you WILL pick up. It took me a while as well.
If it's in some kind of tuning, I can generally figure it out. If nothing else, I just need to find out the note on the low E and work from there. I know Standard, D standard, Drop C and Open C by heart.
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If i dont have a tuner, I can recognise the first note of Green Day - Time of your life, which is a G, so I just play the third fret on E string and tune to G, and then standard fifth fifth fith fourth fifth accross
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well, i need some other in tuned device to at least get 1 string in tune. Even just a song that i know which fret one of the notes is ill be able to tune it, but i cant just pluck a perfect E out of thin air.
It took me about 14 months to figure it out. You just have to remember the "Smells like teen spirit" bassline (even if it's on guitar) for the 5th n 6th string (standard) and then just use the 5ths from there.
All I need is to hear one note from my keyboard like an A then I can tune the my A string and thus the rest of my guitar.
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I picked 'still can't tune'. I can get it in tune with itself, but I can't get it into A=440Hz without a tuner.