I just slapped on a D'addario XL 9s yesterday night.. Came back frm sch today and practised for 2-3 hours.. And already it started tarnishing.. I practiced finger exercises based on the Am box shape and now i can see the box shape marked out in tarnish! those areas are grey

Is my body sweat so acidic??

Its not a string problem cos all those i tried so far have sounded good for 2-3 weeks max. My friends guitars have strings for 1mth and still dont need to be changed.
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use a string cleaner and conditioner, they last about a solid session of playing for me with just one application, and they make it sound like new
only temporarily though, but its not hard or annoying to re apply.
worth lik $5-10
wow.. i can go with the same set of strings for months.. in fact when i do change strings.. i can keep the old ones because they're still in good shape. sounds like you either live by the ocean (salty moist air) or you have some seriously acid hands :O
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Meh, it depends on whether im practicing band, or on my own.

If im on my own I dont mind letting the strings get pretty shabby, cos im not looking for tone, but if practicing every week, then it'll be every couple weeks, sometimes a month max, depending on how much we practiced and how much I done in between practicing.
The last time i broke a string was over a year ago, not sure why but before i got my rg1570 and dk2 i broke them like crazy!

They need to be changed every two weeks for me, i play for hours every day and they just get to the point where they sound like **** and feel like crap.
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I'm pretty heavy handed and sweat alot when I play so I usually change my strings about every 2 weeks at most.
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strings on my ibanez last about 2-4 weeks.

strings on my strat last about 1-2 months....but i choose to change them out of satisfaction, and experimental using different brands and guages. but my ibanez will only ever have slinky 9's lol.
I usually change mine every 4 weeks.....Had the last set on for about 6 weeks cos I thought they still looked alright, but then I changed them I was surprised just how bad the tone was compared to the new set..

I just love the sound of new strings cos they are so bright and twangy....
I usually only change mine when they break. Otherwise the only time i've changed them without really needing to was when i switched from .9's to .10's
generally until i break a string, i used to change em every 3 weeks, but gotten lazy and only replace the whole set when ive broken one string, which isnt very often now (not as a heavy player as i used to be)
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3-4 weeks, unless I go play with friends where I do a fresh change.
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I wish I could just slap strings on my guitar damn floyd....but I love her...


But yeah, I never liked D'adds for this reason...that, and I think they're a bit too warm for my tastes. I usually change mystrings every two-three weeks.
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Every month. I use string cleaner & Rotosounds strings, which have a long lasting quality, but by about 25 - 30 days they sound ****e.
Never change 'em. Some of the strings on my guitars have been sat on their instrument for a clean two years now. Never had a string break on me, and the older strings are, the nicer they sound. New strings just sound so ugly, it's unbearable.

are you insane? old strings sound lifeless and dull, old strings can make the best guitar sound like crap.
uhmmm.. one time per 2 weeks. N' any recommendation about the string's brand that you're using, plzz let me know.
Quote by Hakanku

are you insane? old strings sound lifeless and dull, old strings can make the best guitar sound like crap.

it depends what tone you like...i mean, i think the string are in their prime after about 2 weeks and personally hate the tone of new strings, far too brittle
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Quote by Hakanku

are you insane? old strings sound lifeless and dull, old strings can make the best guitar sound like crap.

Hell no. Old strings don't 'twang' like new ones do, they've got a solid smooth warmth that new strings lack. New strings are far, far too bright-sounding.
I like bright strings.

And two years? Strings would rust and just sound bad unless you like...store them away and only play once a month or something,,,
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