Hi UGers.

I've broken the highE string of my guitar and I'm going to buy new strings but I wanna buy strings of the same company (dont know if it is the correct word).

Anyone here knows what strings I have to buy? (ernieball or other marks)

Sorry for my english.
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probably fender branded/rebranded strings. just get normal ernie balls. Keeping the same brand isn't important
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Make sure you stick to the same gauge. I'm assuming you're in standard tuning, so you'll want to go with a set of .09's because that's what Jackson usually puts on their guitars.
mine came with 09s ernie balls which i'm sure any make would be fine, but they are set up for 09s
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It depends on the shop you bought it from.

different shops do different setups (i.e. use different brands of strings), although they're almost always set up to have 9's on.

just buy a new set.

try a different company, you never know you might like those strings better.
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