Ok, this may be a noob question, but it really irritates me. I'm playing for two years, and lately I discovered that when I attack the violin strings, a there's a loud plucking sound when I hit the string. I know it cames from my attack on the string, but I think it shouldn't be THAT loud. I'm not sure if it's problem with my gear or my playing.

Please check out my profile, listen to the "Pluck problem" mp3 and tell me I'm not paranoid. I play the same thing on humbucker, middle single pickup and neck pickup because on humbucker it's much less hearable.
No, I mean high E, B and G. I have no problems with D, A, and E, at least I don't hear the plucking when I play on them.
Doesn't sound too abnormal.

Try picking at them slightly lighter, roll off your bass, and raise your mids slightly on your amplifier, which should help disguise them a little bit.