For me it's.

Depressed - Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Brand New(newer stuff), Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, The Shins, Smiths, Weezer

Happy - Arcade Fire, My Bloody Valentine, Brand New(older stuff), Smashing Pumpkins, The Fall Of Troy, Strokes, Dresden Dolls

Angry - Incubus, At the Drive in, AFI, Alice In chains

Of course there are more moods, but I'll just be general about it.
thrash and death metal for me its fits every time even when im sad or happy thats the kind of music that help me out dunno maybe im weird:P
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My Bloody Valentine fits every mood.
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happy - mod rock, classic rock
workout - heavy rock, classic rock, pop punk, metal
dont really listen to music when im depressed........
Depressed- Bright eyes, KoRn, Brand New, sometimes Blood Brothers, The Faint, marilyn manson

Happy- The Casualties, In Flames,Between The Buried and me, Dropkick Murphies, Dead Kennedys, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of filth, Dimmu Borgir...etc

Angry- Toxic Narcotic, Minor Threat, Pantera, Slayer etc
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Bob Seger, Steve Miller and CCR when im in a good mood Black Sabbath and Alice In Chains when im angry those are the standouts anyways
i am constantly listening to music i dont take notice much music i listen to depending on my feelings go through stuff like Tool, Rammstein, JBT, The Used and C&C.
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Angry - Incubus, At the Drive in, AFI, Alice In chains

Of course there are more moods, but I'll just be general about it.

lol afi makes me angry

i just listen to hardcore, good for any mood
iTunes on shuffle pretty much does it for me. Mozart, Moody Blues; Wagner, White Stripes; Beethoven, Byrds ...
When I'm angry:

In Flames
Children of Bodom (some songs)
Opeth (either to calm me down or let out anger)
Dark Tranquility
Some Dream Theater
Iron Maiden

When I'm depressed:

Porcupine Tree
Nirvana (some of their songs)
Dark Tranquility

When I'm feeling creative/artsy/thoughtful:

King Crimson
Dream Theater
Porcupine Tree
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Opeth (clean stuff)
Red Hot Chili Peppers

When I'm feeling happy/hyper:

Children of Bodom
Joe Satriani
Coheed and Cambria
King Crimson
Van Halen
Skid Row
Guns n Roses
early AFI
Pink Floyd (especially Piper at the Gates of Dawn)
Black Sabbath/Ozzy
Deep Purple
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happy: led zeppelin, tenacious d, pink floyd, queen

angry: metallica, pink floyd, GNR, queen

sad: BB king, pink floyd, opeth (their acoustic stuff), queen
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