all a matter of opinion

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i hate ibanez, Fender all the way
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stevo 192 lol mate u a beast! Such a rebel!!!

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Ibanex, but musicman guitars are good too

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ESP LTD, so comfortable to play, its like when i play with myself...but more orgasmic
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ESP LTD, so comfortable to play, its like when i play with myself...but more orgasmic

Haha, yeah, my feelings exactly.

But to be honest, the best brand is the one that can play the music you want, while feeling just right. To each his own.
Dean. I just got the catalog.

It all looks so bloody amazing ...

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There is no "best". There's always preferances. Some people like thin necks, some like thick, some like the RG shape, some like the LP shape...
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Probably Ibanez and Fender.
They make the most versatile guitars, and they both are awesome.
Gibson are great too, but they just are way too overpriced.

The only electric guitar I play is a Gibson (unless you count the strat knockoff everybody has) and I'm pretty happy with that, so I'll say Gibson.
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i love ibanez, and i have one. but i really want an ESP, all my favourite guitar shapes (albeit custom made) are ESP
I love Schecter, you can get a really good guitar for not so much money. I also love ESP/LTD.
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i play a jackson, but i keep having wet dreams over ESP Vipers.

Also, im surprised nobody mentioned Gretsch, one of my favorite classy brands.