Wrote this song a while ago, check it out,

Look into my eyes now
and tell me what you see
you'll see the reflection of an angel
starin' back at me
an angel that has not yet learned to fly
cuz the weight of a demon that holds her down
pullin her from the sky cryin
"when do angels learn to fyl?"

Destiny is callin for you
but your to far away
you've always gotten what you've wanted
so now your mad you dont got your way
please, just keep away
i'll never be what you need, i never was
and you know its not a lie
i guess we'll be together when
angels learn to fly

thoughts so misconcepted now
like the good man in the middle of the night
never understood
as these thoughts run wild through head
i was never right
so take two steps back now
your not doing me any good
i guess this is goodbye
guess i'll talk to you again if
angels learn to fly

just spread your wings now and fly away
fly away from me
separate yourself from all your pain
after your time you'll finally see
that i'm not the one to blame
as you always used to claim
but it will be too late
then you can look at me and cry
this angels finally learned to fly
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i like it
it sounds like something "strung out" would write... seriously.
I love it....it definately seems to be inspired by the great Zeppers and the fact i can tell that from reading it is good in itself.....this is a real piece of art....maybe it will gain as much exposure......but work on it....self crit it....read it back to yourself.....but personally i think this song is gonna be a big hit....would be really grateful if you'd comment or crit my two latest- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=680574 and https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=680568


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wow. thats really good! get some music for that and record because i bet that it would sound great!!
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