OK, so for Health I have to write an essay, or speech really, about Randy Blythe of Lamb of God and his alcohol problem. I am using Killadelphia for a resource, but I can't find much information about his drinking problem online...does anyone have any info or stories from LoG concerts that could help me out? Just relating to his alcohol usage...or if he had/has a drug problem, info on that? If you have a smart ass thought...let it go. Please. Thanks!
check the video on youtube of him drunk off his ass fighting mark....if you havent already seen it..
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There was a video on youtube where he was totally wasted and got knocked out by Mark Morton. On another note, I can't be doing with Lamb Of God, they bore me so much I fell asleep during their set at Unholy Alliance.
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Yea the fight scene is from the Killadelphia DVD...but that's all I can find either. It's hard to find anything on him at all really. Well, that I don't already know.