hey, just got myself a peavey classic 50, and the clean sounds brill, really pleased, but when it comes to distortion i cant seem to get a decent amount of it, i mean its there, but its doesnt seem enough, just wanted to know what peoples settings were on them to get a decent distortion, would it be worth resorting to buying a pedal for it?? if so which??
What sort of tone are you looking for exactly?
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It should have enough for classic rock, if you still want more gain then IMO you are looking for more gain than classic rock.

set your EQ as you normally would, make sure your on the lead side of the amp(the switch that flicks) then turn up the pre switch, turn down the post, and get this volume level with the volume on the clean channel (changed via the 'normal' knob).

Most importantly, now turn the master volume so it is as high as you can get it in your situation, no tube amp sounds that good when on volume one, IMO the Classic doesnt really shine until at least volume 3-4 on master.

If it still isnt enough then I seriously think your looking for more than classic rock, but get a nice OD pedal to push the tubes further, a fulltone OCD or a TS-esque pedal may be more down your alley.
yer thanks, its alot better, when i get the post down and the pre up it gives a grittier sound, also getting the volume higher does help, might invest in a pedal if im playing heavier stuff, but at the moment this is as much as i need! cheers!
The classic 50 can handle classic rock perfectly in my opinion.
It's one sweet amp. However, if you want to push it into more modern rock/metal, just use an OD to push it a bit. I just picked up a FAB overdrive, and just by cranking the volume, i can get some metal out of it.
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yeah, does the FAB footpedal sound okay? its reasonbly cheap

IMO not really your amps natural OD will sound way better than the pedals.Try saving up for a better OD if you feel thats what you need.
Ive ended up buying a Marshall jackhammer, sounds really good with the peavey! thanks for your help guys
i was considering a tube screamer, but there like over 100 quid, and literally my last pennies were spent on my amp, so... lol
I'm generally not a fan of their products, but the Digitech Bad Monkey is actually a nice, affordable, Tubescreamer clone. If you have a couple bucks left over, it's worth a look.
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i was pretty suprised how terrible the BOSS distortion pedal is, Marhsall jackhammer i prefered by far,