so I was wondering, is it possible to make ur whole rig completely wireless and how much would this cost. i know u can get a wireless system for ur guitar but wut about a wireless system so i dont have to have a chord from my amo to pedals, im talking zero chords. thank you in advance for the help
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the hardest part would be running the send from the amp to the pedal.. you would have to reverse the signal
This would be possible, but not advisable...wireless rigs - even just from guitar to amp and nothing in between - have a tendency to stop working, and if this happens in a major gig, you are in big trouble...it's up to you, but you should only have a wireless rig from guitar to fx pedal/amp, nothing else, and only if you do alot of onstage antics, because otherwise there isn't really a lot of point in it.
if you are worried about tripping on cords to pedals, there is this thing called gaff tape....buy it
Just do wireless to your pedal chain, and then wired through that and to the amp.
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^^yep, I agree with that one, if you really want a wireless rig, only to the fx pedals, and use wires for the amps etc
But, honestly, wireless rigs do have a tendency to stop working in the middle of a song...I know from lots of other people and an experiment I did once.