Great article, I managed to get a copy of that issue of SOS, really goes in dept about the world of guitar amp recording.
I've got that magazine and it's a pretty good article. I don't really know much about recording but I've learned little techniques from it.
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I have the issue.

I can access that article at uni, I believe, so I'll cut and paste it here 'cause I is a rebel.

There's a lot of diagrams though, and a lot of pages, when all it really says is to use a 57/87 combo.

Not too much new information, the interesting parts are the producer quotes.
Nope, BrianApocalypse. Don't work for Sound on Sound, I'm on the other side of the pond.

I agree that the basic info is get a good mic (e.g. SM 57) put it in front of your amp and move it around til you get the sound you like.

And, if your amp sounds like crap, your recording will sound like crap regardless of what mic or what position you put it in.