I would like to get a micro amp to take with me when I am travelling.

Something like the Marshall MS2, but I wasn't very impressed with its sound. It should have decent clean and good crunch.

What are other alternatives?

Budget should be around $100
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You mean a small amp? oh... when I saw the topic I thought about MXR Micro Amp...
I can't tell You anything about very small amps... I haven't played them...
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Yeah I really want to try one of those new Vox ones.^ If you really want a micro amp one of those might be worth waiting for...just to see.

BTW if you save another $30 or $40 you could probably get something like a Roland Micro Cube or a Vox DA5. I hear great stuff about these amps and it should be a real step up from something like an MS-2.

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^ agreed. the microcube is great. haven't tried the da5, but assuming it's even half similar to the ad15vt, it's definitely worth a look too.
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