Hey everyone

This is a song that I think is done, or almost done, but I'd like to know what you guys think I can improve. I added the drums despite my almost total lack of experience playing drums, but I'm sure the bass sounds good. The guitars are flexible though, especially around the solo, which I'm not entirely sure I'm going to keep in this particular way.

In either case, this is a metal song, borrowing from various subgenres, and I haven't added vocals of course, since it's GP5 still.

Thanks, and of course, C4C
Oppression, quiet and Repressed
Swept under the seams
the bed of the acquiesced
where we sleep, insomniac dreams
Good, I wasnt too sure about the solo but I really liked the rest. The solo sounded a little off.

I liked the ending speeding up but if it were me I would have it going faster in a smooth motion instead of steps from 220 to 240 to 260 (think wheelchair ramp instead of stairs)
Hmmm not really my style. A little too chaotic for me. The riffs just seemed too random. The solo was okay but didnt really seem like much of a solo. Sorry man, I just didn't like this that much.
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Good so far
nice bass
cool fills
yeah the drums suck balls
i dont know it was good but not great. maybe make a cool outro solo. sorry i cant really help you much this isnt my style.
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