would anyone have any suggestions on building a double? i already have a fullscale sketch and everything and ive been researching wood and parts. i also plan on doing string thru body.
yea i was going too do the wireing for each neck the same as a gibson lp but i need a way to hook both too a switch before going too the output. i was thinking three way for 6string neck 12 string neck and both on.
A 3 way for switching between necks wouldn't be very hard, just do it the same way you would switch between two pickups on an LP style guitar, but instead of switching between the pickup's output, just switch between the entire neck's wiring's output.
cool thanks for all the help. im probally going too order the wood tonight. ill post pics as i work. only thing i need help with is distance from the neck too mount the bridge and how too mount the neck. i was thinking bolt on.
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what type of wood are you planning on buying?
For the distance from neck pocket to the bridge, that'll depend on the scale length you choose (distance from nut to bridge), as well as how many frets you have. The scale length will also affect the placement of the frets on the neck.
You could mount the neck with screws (bolt-on), glue it in (set neck), or do a neck thru.
well i was planning on doing it in ash or maple. i do not want set neck. what is through?
and i was going too have your standard 22 frets and probally your standard strat neck exept with a les paul style head.
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well i was planning on doing it in ash or maple. i do not want set neck. what is through?
and i was going too have your standard 22 frets and probally your standard strat neck exept with a les paul style head.

through neck is where the neck continues down to the bottom of the body. So essentially it'll be one big piece
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i wouldnt order anything until you know what your doing. the amount of wood you needwill change with what design your going with
well i deffinently want a bolt on neck. i already have a full size blueprint outline kinda thing.
^ it's one thing to have a design to go by, but it's another to know what you're doing when you're building it. I'm not trying to discourage you from building a guitar, but I think you should spend a bit more time reasearching guitar building before you go ahead and buy the wood (even if you buy the wood now, I'd still suggest looking at lots information before even starting). I also think it may be easier to buy a cheap old neck, build a [single neck] body, and get the feel of building, assembling, and wiring before you go all out at a big project without much experience. Like I said, in no way am I trying to discourage you at all, but I just think you should spend a bit more time either reading through the forums or tutorials and looking up info., or do an easier project to just get your feet wet, then move on to what you're planning now.
i have been reading guide after guide and book after book for about 5 months now and i have even wired the electronics (outside a body) a few times too get the feel.
Good luck with it!
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wiring is a minor thing it took me 10 minutes to wire all of the guitars ive made. the important thing is knowing how to build the guitar and the neck, and knowing how to finish it.
only thing i dont really know much about is the truss rod in the neck.
dont think so look at stewmac.com they have instructions. its important you get it in there right. and have enough space between the slot and the bottom of the neck.
Truss rods are one of the more important parts of a guitar. Spend plenty of time getting them right. And I honestly wouldn't recommend starting with a double-neck. It may come out nice, but you'll probably end up doing at least something wrong (it happens to the best of us.) Start out cheap- poplar as a body wood, basic maple for the neck, pre-slotted fretboards if you're really set on this. And neckthru is probably quite a bit easier to get right.
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i thought neck thru was one big piece of wood and would be much harder too do?
its not much harder to do but it is harder. you'll see this in the later stages of your build. go with bolt on.
yea i might just get premade necks for this one. if i can find a 12 and 6 string lespaul style neck and head.