I just had this chord progression for so long and wanted to make a song of it, and I'm really happy with it, it really is the first song that I have written that captures exactly what I feel like. Let me know what you think.

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Man. You must be sad, haha, I'm critting as I listen, it sounds sad. With a kind of little sweetness. A little hope to the sad part. Then it ends off unfinished.

Lyrics would be very ideal for this. This could be a good song if you added more to it.

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Interesting progression going on there. I love the tremelo guitar parts it really adds to the vibe. It's a bit too short and I really expected it to go somewhere, but then it ended. Hopefully you meant to finish it off because it was really great and more of it would be a lot better.

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wow thanks everybody, I've never really listened to buckethead, so I'll have to check it out, but I appreciate all the feedback, the reason the song is so short is because I did it in a half an hour and I couldn't really finish the song with anything that satisfied me, it was hard, thanks for all the comments, and I will check out all of your music.
As in, gobias a cup of coffee
Yeah dude, why did you end?!? I LOVED the vibe. Definitely, definitely finish this. And let me know when you do. Just so relaxing. I caught myself kind of drifting away in thought as I was listening to this. I don't really know if vocals would suite this. I'd prefer to hear this finished as an instrumental. Great job.


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