Freebird is a great song, don't get me wrong, but I think it is grossly overrated.

Many people who don't even know who Lynyrd Skynyrd is, know the song Freebird, but they have never even heard of some of their other great hits. They came out with many other songs that were just as good as Freebird, but got nowhere near the recognition that Freebird got.

I think the only reason that Freebird is more popular then the rest is because it had a ridiculously long guitar solo.

I love Freebird, I just think it is overrated. Am I the only one?
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if anything i think free bird is underrated when u think of absolute master pieces you think stairway , bohemian , and hotel california and alot of people dont even think of free bird
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I think Skynyrd had MUCH better songs than Free Bird. I also prefer the solo in Simple Man over the solo in Free Bird.
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I was listening to a conservative political talk radio show today in the car, and the current drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd called in to talk to Sean Hannity! It was cool, the drummer was just going on and on about how he agrees with Hannity and the band tunes in almost every night to listen to him.
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Well no...

I dont think it is overrated but I will have to agree with your statment that people who dont even know Lynyrd Skynyrd apparently know Freebird and the history there of. Thats great! But take a listen to more great songs and don't brag to all your friends that your cool because you "discovered" that song and showed them.

I still don't think it is overrated, I love that song to death. That whole "pronounced" alum was awesome....well like 2/3's of it.
I'd agree. I don't understand how people can even sit through the solo, it just gets on my nerves after they've played the same riff for 20 minutes....

Personally I'd say that the band as a whole is overrated, especially when theres so many other great souther rock bands that are often overshadowed. Take the Allman Bros. for example, I know they have a great fanbase, but most people my age couldn't name a song by them if their life depended on it. Then you have gov't mule, ccr, widespread panic, Robert Randolph, and so many other artists with a Southern influence that, in my opinion, completely blow Lynyrd Skynyrd out of the water.
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Overrated, yes. Good song, yes. Classic, yes. Masterpeice, no.

But the most overrated person ever is Brian May who in reality is one of the worst guitar players ever
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^ Amen about ABB, Mule, CCR etc. I like Lynyrd Skynyrd for sure, but nothing more than that. I just dont find myself listening to them as much, and I feel like they have less variety than other bands with in general, and ones with southern influences. Too many of their songs are overplayed and get on my nerves these days. Sweet Home Alabama being one of them. Not saying this is all fact, just an opinion.
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I agree, Lynyrd Skynyrd(i HATE when people write lynard skynard!!) is a great band and have a lot of good songs: Curtis Loew, Needle and the Spoon(my fav), call me the breeze, simple man, sat. night special, ect. but most people only know sweet home alabama and freebird(maybe) which are both good songs, but nowhere near their best.

Also, as far as souther rock goes there are definately better bands as said before ABB, Gov't Mule, some of dTb is southern rockish, are better imo and CCR, Marshal Tucker Band, Shooter Jennings and many others are all great as well but no one has ever heard of them.

I just wish i could've seen Skynyrd w/ Ronnie and the original line up. Though they still put on a good show. My one big disappointment is that they play all of the solos and everything as it is on the album i was really hoping they would jam and improv. some because that is the reason i really got into music.
Good song, but yes, overrated. I think there've been countless better solos in the solo-drenched history of Rock.
I only like the solo part because when I play it on my jackson it sounds kickass
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I think it's overrated, but only because I'm biased - I don't care for Skynard

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i do think its overrated a little bit, but I share phatsack's opinion and I'm not really a skynard fan (or any southern rock)-- Haha, I was watching an elliott smith video the other day, and when he asked what the audience wanted to hear, someone yelled out "FREEBIRD!!" and elliott sort of just mumbles to himself "****ing freebird..." I thought that was great haha.
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Quote by DigitalGuitar
I think the only reason that Freebird is more popular then the rest is because it had a ridiculously long guitar solo.


If the solo sucked, I'd agree with you, but come on, man.

I don't think Freebird or Skynyrd are "overrated", but Freebird is a bit overplayed, as is Stairway. And like i(ncubus)play and Ramblin'_Man stated, Skynyrd does have other great songs that don't get the attention they deserve. But have you guys seen Devil's Rejects? The end was perfect.

Freebird is a great song. I don't think its over-rated. The interplay of the guitars rivals some of the Allman Bros. best. In general I prefer the Allmans. I saw the original line-up play Freebird in St. Louis at Kiel Auditorium back in the 70's. You should have seen it. Amazing.

There is a Skynyrd thread on the front page....
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Quote by DigitalGuitar
Freebird is a great song, don't get me wrong, but I think it is grossly overrated.

Many people who don't even know who Lynyrd Skynyrd is, know the song Freebird, but they have never even heard of some of their other great hits.

Personally im think that anything that gets a band recognition has to be a good thing and they may have had other hits that people aren't aware of but is that really such a bad thing? Be thankful they know freebird rather than angry they dont know every Skynrd song?

More their likely many people found out their about other songs after liking freebird and doing a bit of research.
I agree with you totally that the recognition was good, I just think it should have been another song that got them there.

My point in this thread is not to down FreeBird, I love the song. I just think people place to much emphasis on it having a 7 minute solo, instead of looking to the musical value of the song. Anyone can solo for 7 minutes, but it is the feeling and the musical depth that separates a good song from a bad one.

Many of Lynyrd Skynyrd's other songs were better that FreeBird, they had more musical depth and were written better, they just didn't have a 7 minute overrated solo.
i agree its a great song and the solo is what gives it a lot of recognition, but thats not even close to the best part. I love the lyrics it embodies everything that is skynyrd, ronnie, duane and that whole scene. Freedom, peace and love