Now is it just me, or is the new Foo Fighters song really like stairway to heaven, or just the intro

This has probably been noted before, but still, it was the first time i heard it a few minutes ago and i was pretty shocked

If you havent heard it, heres the song
Yeah, that's what I said when I first heard it. But it didn't last the entire way through and it really set the song up really well, so it doesn't bother me much
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oh **** it does...the intro at least

i never noticed that
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Probably some kind of tribute to the song.

Because that first bit really does sound like Stairway.
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that one doesn't really, but there's an acoustic one later on in the album and that is a real rip off.
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i really like the foo fighters, but that intro is a clear rip off, but the rest of the song is good, but still, i never thought foo fighters would be like that
No, it really isnt.

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i think it is intended to because the song is called "the pretender" and they might be "pretending" to be like zep. just throwing that out there
the first chord is played the same i hear what you're saying but i don't think it's enough like it to call it a rip off
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lol. After 3 notes it sounds like it. And probably lots of others.

The song is awesome.
yea i think the intro is very zeppelin like, not much on rest of the song... the song isnt anywhere near a ripoff
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its not a rip off, in a recent Guitar World interview Dave Grohl stated that his favorite guitarist ever is Jimmy Page. so if anything grohl is paying homage to the ledgend himself.
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theres a part in that song that sounds like Led Zepps Rock and Roll...right before the second verse i THINK
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