Poll: Which Axe is right for me?
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Koa Telecaster
3 50%
PRS SE Custom
2 33%
Classic Player Baja Telecaster
1 17%
Other (Please state model inc price, limit is around £500.)
0 0%
Voters: 6.
About a month ago I posted up some questions about the Koa Tele and whether the guitar was right for me, I finally have the dosh to buy said guitar but I don't really want to fritter away my money like I usually do. I'm not particularly fond of Fenders but their guitars seem well built and I don't want something that's gonna drop to bits(again,) I guess I'm little paranoid as I need a new electric asap.
So I've made a little poll for all of y'all to help me decide what'll be the right choice as I've narrowed it down to these last few, please keep on topic though, I BEG OF YOU, I REALLY NEED THIS AXE so keep an open mind if you decide to post. I play some country/bluesy rhythms with an occasional mild overdrive and some prog rock involving an echo pedal and a Wah. I know the Tele's have the specs for this but is their anything else you think might interest me?

Btw has anyone got any info on a Palo Escrito Tele, that seems pretty cool too?!
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Well the SE Custom has humbuckers, so I'd rule that out if you really want some twang.

I've played the CP Baja Tele a couple of times and it's played pretty decently.
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id like the PRS u have up there, but for country nothing beats a Tele. Koa would give u a different sound than an ash Tele. the PRS would probably be best for prog tho.