looks like a decent enough guitar with good specs. go for it!
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if you change the p/u's i don't see what's wrong with that guitar. but the LTD explorer shaped guitar would probably play better.
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Looks decent enough to me, though I've never played one. Best thing you can do, I guess, is go out and try one.

Alternatively, try one of these: http://www.rondomusic.com/product892.html

Only £150, though you'll have shipping on top of that (perhaps £50). They're supposedly good guitars, and that thing does look quite nice.
I haven't had the pleasure of playing this guitar, but I do own a peavey, and it plays great. I'd recommend peavey guitars to anyone. I <3 the neck and the tremolo on it, and even though it needs a setup it still plays pretty great.
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Thats a pretty nice looking Peavey (I had a look on your profile hehe) though Id love to see what it looks like without the stickers on.

I think Im gunna go for this Peavey. I love Peavey as a company. My only problem is I cant really try it out before I buy it.
i would look at tokais explorers if I were you
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Ive had a look at them and Im being really fussy here but I dont want one with a scratchplate. Also I dont think they do them in white which is a shame. Ive heard alot of good things about Tokias. Thanks anyway though.