Okay i'm on amazon now and i'm looking for a few good guitar books to buy. stuff that will will help with my technique and stuff for my theory.....

I was looking at "Speed Mechanics For Lead Guitar" by Troy Stetina ..does anyone know if this book is any good????
I found the book " A modern method for guitar volume one" by William Leavitt at a music store. Its black and has a gold berklee music sticker on it. Anyways its a site reading book but it is definitely worth buying. Site reading I think is the best way to learn theory and this book definitly helps with that.
I don't know about that particular book, but I've used the Guitar Grimoire series.

They have books dedicated to exercises and some about scales and modes, improvisation over chord progressions, chord voicings, etc.

Lots of people also swear by Rock Discipline, which is a DVD+book combo by John Petrucci.
Avoid Mel Bay. Outdated and way too hard. 17 years of playing, still struggling with Aura Lee, lol.

(that's where I abandoned the method considering the guitar hasn't been played like that since 1932...)

Anyway, plenty of good ones, but this site is not bad. Just be a disciplined, self-directed student, and learn a broad variety of songs and styles.

Like Metal? Learn blues, too. Like blues? Pick up country. Like Jazz? Try classical.

Just pick pieces that are realistic for you and steadily broaden your horizons, and always, always, ALWAYS play with other musicians. You will learn more in 20 minutes with a good musician than 20 years in your bedroom with a book.
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Speed mechs is a great book for technique, some good exercises and sweeping section. It doesnt have as much theory in it from what i can remember.
Its worth buying though.
Fretboard Logic by Bill Edwards - Excellent Theory Book
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Troy Stetina's books are great for building technique. Guthrie Govan's books are EXTREMELY recommended. Must-reads, in my opinion.
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