Has anyone here heard of these guys? They're a really talented Alternative/ Indie rock band from Sacramento, CA. A lot of people have never heard of them, they don't get the appretiation they deserve. They're one of my favorite bands, you can check them out at


and at


What do you think of them?
There's already a thread about them in this forum and the modern rock fourm.

This one's kind of dead, the modern rock one was active yesterday


Here's the modern rock forum


I love Cake by the way
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Has anyone here heard of these guys? ... A lot of people have never heard of them...

Are you kidding? I thought everyone had heard of Cake.

But to answer yo' question, yes. I love 'em.
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Cake is one of my favorite bands too, they're awesome live as well. Has anyone checked out their new B-sides/covers cd that came out a few months ago? If you haven't you should, it's damn good, there's a sick War Pigs cover on it.
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