the floyd rose bridge on my guitar is tilted because of the tension from the strings, kinda like this ( / ) when it should be like this ( - ) if u can understand that. Anyways ive been told to put more springs in inside the body where the floyd rose is attached to pull it back into place but im just wondering what i can all do to fix this?
Have you recently put on a new set of strings? if so it might be best for you to loosen them and leave them over night to adjust, then try tuning it. If not just whack a few more strings in, but first loosen the strings b4 u do this.
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Click on the link in which ones pink (a UG forumite.) sig. An excellent link to setting up a Floyd.
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Loosen the guitar strings first. THen flip your guitar over and take the backplate off. Towards the neck you should see a claw held into the body with two screws. YOu can tighten these screws evenly as necessary to pull the bridge level against the tension of the strings. What you are doing with teh screws is leveling the tension between teh strings on top and the springs in the back as they each pull on the bridge.

Tighten/loosed screws to get the right bridge angle, then play. More springs makes it harder to use the trem arm (stiffer feel at teh bar) and less makes it easier. More springs also add a little tuning stability, but id base the amount of springs you use off of your personal preference of how you like the bar to feel.
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I had that same problem, I added a spring on 1 side. Mine looks like this now.