Eye Opener.

I play Halo 2 and 3 and thats about it on line. Once GH comes on live I'll play that too.
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DiscoStu52 (dont ask why, i forgot)
Rock oN...
ill be on Halo 3 def, feel free to add
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akaDan 360

If you're going to add me then be sure to tell me who you are.
I'm getting H3 saturday, i'm trading in my old games (Spiderman 3, Dead Rising and MoH:Airborn)
Smokey Amp

My Gold subscription has currently ran out, but I'll be back online within the next week, hopefully.
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Halo sucks so far though .

I like it alot :/

The Online play is hugely fun, regardless of the campaign (which I liked).
mines CaptainCalhoun2- since i broke my foot all i can do now is play 360 so if anyone wants to play halo3,gears, madden 07 i should most likely be on
Quote by CowboyUp
I like it alot :/

The Online play is hugely fun, regardless of the campaign (which I liked).

Eh, even that's not too great. maybe it's just because I dominate all the people who aren't used to getting headshots.

lemme know if you want me to own you in battlefront II
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Wise words Trashfan.

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It's not going to be that great. Although particle physics does give me a hadron.

Not on live atm, it ran out a while ago and I'm low on cash. Will mostly be playing R6:Vegas and Halo (When I get it). If you add me, send a message saying you're from UG.
angelofdeath42 add me everyone!

Halo2 and 3
The casino one(tom clancy)
John Madden
Fifa 07 and 08

I have Halo3 but my box aint back from the repair factory yet which sucks balls big style but should be back in the next week or 2

*crosses fingers*

I play GRAW...the origional...and Vegas online

and forza 2 sometimes