ok i was asking my guitar teacher at school about good acoustic becuase i was looking at breedlove. he told that breedlove ain't that good and for $1000 i should get a martin or taylor. i haven't played taylor but is taylor good as breedlove i liked the breedlov ei jut want more opinion. i absolutly don't like martin. or maybe yall could suggest any other guitar for my price range.
needs to be acoustic electric
needs a cutaway

what about breedlove thats part of it to. is it good
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You ain't gonna get a high end Taylor for $1000. Try something else, you'll get more for your money from a different brand.
Why did your guitar teacher say Breedlove wasn't good? Sounds like he's saying that out of ignorance.... I wouldn't be surprised if he is making an assumption--and has never played one. Sure Martin, and Taylor have great name recognition and reputation, but obviously they are not the only good guitar manufacturers.

With that said, between Martin and Taylor, since you are looking for an acoustic-electric with a cutaway, the latter is the better choice. Taylor makes great acoustic-electric guitars.

In regards to Breedlove, at 1000 dollars, they make fabulous guitars. In fact, I've played the Breedlove AD25/SR Plus, and felt that it sounded just as good if not better in some cases--than some high-end Martin and Taylors that were a few thousand more.

My best advice to go visit some local guitar shops, try as many guitars as you can, choose the one that meets your criteria and buy it.
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Your teacher is spouting his prejudices. For a thousand dollars you can get a nice guitar. Look at Breedlove, Taylor, Martin, Zager, Takamine. All nice guitars and sound great. All have guitars in that price range that I think you would be happy with. If you like warm tones try a cedar top. If you like crisp notes try spruce. If you like a lot of bass go with rosewood back and sides. If you prefer less bass and more mid level and treble then go with a mahogany back and sides.

I have played all the aforementioned guitars and like them all. I prefer a warmer and bassier guitar for most things but for some things only a mahogany/spruce guitar will do. I have a Parkwood for that. Another nice guitar as well. Sold only at Musicians Friend and Guitar Center.

Play em and pick the one you like. You won't be able to do that with a Zager as it is only available on line but check out their reviews. Own one and it's worth the dough.

Good luck with you search. Ignore you guitar teacher. He doesn't appear to know what he is talking about.