im looking at wood on exoticwood.com and when i look at neckblanks there isnt enough wood for the head? where can i get a pice big enough too make a les paul style 6 and 12 string head and neck?
well i think if i get the biggest one there it should do for the 12 neck. and any recamendations for the 6 string neck? (enough wood too work with but not too much so i dont waste money)
you really need to research this a little bit more and make more detailed plans before you go on.
well i thankfully hang around the local guitar shop alot and the guy that owns it is real cool and knows all about it so he can help me along too.
There are much cheaper places to get wood than exotic woods. Check out gilmer.
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well i dont want too have too spend a minimum of 100 $ there so ill go somewhere else. i cant seem too find a 22"x21"x2" block of alder ash or basswood or if you have a suggestion of a good sound for a decent price. and is it really noticible with one piece or three piece glued? is it already glued or do i have too do it?
thats a big piece of wood man. you don't know what you need at all. a body is like 12 inches wide maybe 13 and usually you make 2 piece bodies, you need to look over your plans more man.

thats even big if your building a double neck. i think they are around 18" at there widest point.
well my widest point is about 18 and 3/4 inchs wide. and about 20 inchs tall(i have extra on the neck socket.) and i just want a lot of room too work since this is my first solo build. i have worked on guitars before but i had people helping me along.
well when i see like three piece glued is the line in between pieces easily visible?and how do i tell dimensions it only says first piece this long and so on.