So there's this song, you probably all know it cause it's used in hundreds of films as a kind of suspense building tune, maybe before a fight scene or whatever. It's a few years old now, has an instantly recognisable intro of a standard mid-tempo drum pattern (a little reverby though) with low, bassy strings playing this kind of pattern:


which repeats and builds up with more strings coming in until a strangely fitting off-pitch melody comes in which is to hard to tab without having the song with me but hopefully you've all got the idea by now. A couple of similar songs to help you get the style I'm on about are "Battle Without Honour or Humanity" by Tomoyasu Hotei and "Wake Up" by Rage, it's exactly that kind of thing, especially the intro drumbeats.

So I've been meaning to find out what this song is for literally years but never gotten round to it. I'm sure I should know it by now which is part of the reason it's really pissing me off that I still don't. If anyone can tell me the title and the artist I'd be really grateful.

Edit: Oh and by the way I have spent the last hour plus searching Google and Amazon for soundtrack listing so that I could try to find it, not to mention plenty of occasions in the past when I've tried.
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