Well yesterday i was doing some work at a pawn shop, needless to say i was checking out all their guitars. So theres an old Del Ray in the corner, i ask how much, he say $70. I try to haggle a little bit, then tell him maybe tomorrow.

I spend last night looking for a picture and some info on this model but no reel luck. I found a close model that looked just about like it here .

That one on ebay is a ET-200.

Mine(well yeah i bought it this morning) is an ET-220. Sorry for starting this thread before i have pics, but i'm happy with my buy and just want to share it.

The body, finish,the neck, inlays, pick guard(my favorite part)and everything are the same. The only difference is that on mine the knobs are in a straight line, and the model number.

The pickups on mine are single coil and noiseless, cool. Nothing real special about them, they sound good and look right on the guitar.

The neck, its a little more on the meaty side but not in a bad way.

Well for a 1966'ish Vintage student guitar i'm happy.

If anyone want to talk about some of the Teizsco and other old brands then please post.

Thanks for reading.
I'm officially jealous. I love those old junkers, though I have never actually heard them or touched them. But no matter what they sound like, I am smitten. They'd look good in a ratty rock n' roll band.
Have you ever played an ET-230? They are wonderfully weird.
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That's some bony hipster sex, which may be the best kind.
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Have you ever played an ET-230? They are wonderfully weird.

You know i kinda feel that way about this one. My model is very moderate in terms of designs that Teiszco has come up with, but i really like the way i can dial in the pickups on this one.

Pikka Bird: These old junkers can be found on Ebay quit often for decent prices. All the parts for them are pretty cheap too. I plan on buying some hardware thats in better condition soon.
^Yeah, I see them there every once in a while, but most of them are in the states, meaning it'll rack up an insane fee in shipping and tax (even though I shouldn't by rights be paying tax on used eBay items at all. But try fighting the system on that one. No money for you. No siree.) I've watched countless darlings pas me by like that- new as well as old, junkers as well as gems. Living in tax-hell is... well, hell.

@Uldhppi: Wow, there's a whole bunch of dearies there. It's not fair!
I really had no idea there were so many knockoffs of the Vox Phantom... And even a Vox Mark III clone!
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