Hey guys, I have been playing guitar for a couple years now and just recorded my first two songs. Id be very appreciative if you could give them a listen and let me know what you think. Any advice or criticism is greatly appreciated. I guess I'd put it under the progressive rock category because they are a little unstructured and just a bit wierd.

Please listen to either Porous or The Cords...



nice slow build up, you're creatign a really nice atmosphere, bass drums are a littel anoying and sound very muddy, you probsably need somehting to tame the noise levels on teh guitar occasionaly u hit a note too hard and it make a loud pinging osund, nice simple distorted tone on guitar in heavy part, drums sound good i like teh cymbals all though the drums can get a bit much occasionally, the drums don't match up so well in the verse after the heavy part around the 4;30 mark.

turn lead guitar up at 5:40 mark, not a heap but just enough.

pretty cool dude

could you crit mine
very good build up. drums would be much better if they were real. (i hate having to use a drum machine - takes away all feeling) turn the cymbals down on the drums too(mainly crashes). put some vocals in it man.
otherwise i really enjoyed it.
\M/ b4br4d \M/

I am really into the intro for Porous, like the drum track though the drums themselves don't sound that great. Second part with the splashes, need less splashing, something more constant like hi hat or ride hits would be good I believe.

very interesting, unique.
Not my cup of tea, but its pretty good, i like how it builds up, its nicely done.
drums aren't the best though