Which electric would be best for
Hillsong (Contemporary Music)???

thanks for replying!!!

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What the hell is hillsong? Is that the music that illiterate, uneducated, rednecks missing 3 teeth play on banjo's? Cuz if so, get the Strat.
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Yea their a christian band.
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If you want:

An FR: RG320
A Hardtail: RG321
Vintage Trem: Strat
Mahogany Body: RG321
Basswood Body: RG320
Alder Body: Strat

So for:
Blues: Strat
Shred: RG320
Bit of Both: RG321
i'd avoid the 320, as the trem isn't amazing. liable not to hold tuning after a year or two.
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