MXR wylde OD

Rocktron pulse tremolo

55 shipped, each.

can round up some pics if interested.
Quote by Droogie4Life
I'll Give you 34.50 (shipped) for the rocktron

no thanks, cant go that low. where did you come up with that price anyways?

i will do 45 if you want it.
Quote by Swat Man
wtf was the random 34.50 all about?

yea i didn't understand that either.
Quote by psio
why are u getting rid of the wylde?

getting rid of most of my pedals, i tend to go through phases back and forth from playing guitar and producing/djing house music. kind of odd i know, but now im in the house music phase. also, i no loner have a tube amp.
considering, have to look into the pedal a bit (never played that one before)