Ok, I'm 18 and I have been at my current job for close to 2 years. It is pretty much a fast food place, Jamba Juice. Anyways, I have decided to quit tomorrow because of certain events. I just wanted to know if some of the things that they are doing are illegal, I feel very wronged by some of the things they have done.
By the way, I live in Arizona. I just hope some of you UG'ers know your stuff.

1) I have worked well over 40 hours some weeks but received no overtime; according to their policy, you have to work 80 hours in two weeks.
2) I was temporarily transferred to another store, where my hours were drastically cut from about 35 to 10. Because of this, I didn't have enough money to pay my bills, and ended up overdrawing on my bank account and getting around 450 dollars in overdraft fees. Also I starved for a week. Thank god for family and friends.
3) Later I was working between both stores. When I wanted to quit at the second store (because it honestly just sucked, and I had no transportation to get there) they wouldn't let me, they said if I did, I would have no job.
4) Because of the sanitizer they use for dishes (and we do dishes all day constantly) several people including myself have painful rashes, peeling skin, and my fingers burn all day at work. I borrowed some prescription medication from a friend, but because they offer no health insurance, I cannot get anymore. I play guitar and it hurts too much to play now.
5) They have mold.
6) The fire extinguisher has not been checked in 3 years when it should be checked every year, also the water filters have not been replaced in 2 years when they should be replaced every 6 months. This water is used to make ice which goes into our smoothies.
7) I am constantly harassed by customers because of machines breaking, I've been cussed out so many times it is ridiculous.

And really I have brought these problems to them and they have done nothing to fix any of them. I could really use some advice. going into work lately has been hell to me.
Cunsult a lawyer, and if you have a lawsuit, take those f**kers down
Other than the fact that the fire extinguisher needs to be checked and that all the machines break. . . And maybe the mold and the filters, I don't think they're doing anything that goes against labor laws. I hate to sound like a bitch but they're providing you with the job. The overtime and health insurance policies are really just a plus in cases where you get it. Unless there is no other alternative, I'd recommend trying to find a different job. The way you describe them, they don't sound like very agreeable people. Good luck.
No, I don't think I have a lawsuit nor am I trying to get any money from them, but I thought overtime is law. Even the health insurance I don't mind, but are they allowed to just sit there when they know that the sanitizer does hurt people and they have done nothing to fix it? I am going to find another job the only thing that ever kept me there was my fellow employees, I made lot of friends there, and I also I met the love of my life there.