I just started playing the guitar about 6 weeks ago....i'm pretty good, but i want to get better. I am in a mini-band, w/ 2 people + me. We have two songs (no lyrics) and i need help making more/different types of songs and putting lyrics to them. Can you guys help me out....give me a few tips or something?

(Ohh, and i tried to use the lessons, but they didn't work)

And i listen to bands like Green Day, Simple Plan, U2, Yellowcard, Papa Roach, Plain White T's, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and so on...
build up ur technical skills not just power chords which i assume ur using from the listed bands and only 6 weeks of playing.
try asking in the guitar forum; you'll probably get better answers there than you will here

on a different note; look up some chord shapes and learn some chords first; I found that it's harder to pick chords up later; whereas if you learn your basic chords and some others (learn your: A, Am, B, Bm, C, Cm, D, Dm, E, Em, F, Fm, G, Gm chords and build from that) try learning some scales as well; slowly at first, then gradually getting faster to increase your fretting accuracy. Just don't try to shred from the off.

(oh, and practice all this on a clean channel, distortion covers up mistakes, meaning you won't know where you're going wrong)
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care to elaborate? (i can't get beats down w/ open fret playing...i'm only really good at chords and power chords...)
First I would master the basic scales, those can easily be found in the lessons here. Then you will understand what u are playing better. With scales comes a lot of knowlegde. You might be reading this saying "boring" but once u get them down, it really helps.