Yeah i know threads like this are common but maybe some one ca help. i have the finances to get a $400 guitar problem is i've narrowed it down to three.(links below) I mostly play classic rock and im pretty damn not so bad.

1967 Epiphone Flying V

Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 g-400

Epiphone Firebird Studio

thanks in advance cheers
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the reviews on that site are so unrealistic...

i'd probably go with the V out of those choices

edit: poll would probably be a good idea
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the SG

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epi V, but id go to guitar center and give it a test drive first
dammit all! three posts and they all choose differently i need more opinions!
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Listen to this man. His 2 ideas in five minutes have shat all over your serious ideas.
the SG. Though that Firebird is looking quite tempting...


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Go for the black V but generally I like to play them first. I went to the store with every intention of getting a flying V yet I came home with a Hamer Scarab and I'm extremely happy for 250 dollars less.
yeah i know to try them out but i dont know if guitarcenter has an epiphone firebird. i checked their site but i got nothing
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Listen to this man. His 2 ideas in five minutes have shat all over your serious ideas.
For classic rock?


all around


for metal/hard rock

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Test out every guitar. Doesn't matter if it's single coil or humbucker, Fender or Gibson. Just try it. If you like it buy it. Go with Playability in mind first then Tone. You can make any guitar fit and sound good for almost any type of music, but if it plays like crap then it's gonna be a burden just to play. Try different models, try different guitars that are the same model. Try it through the amp you have or the amp you're gonna buy. When you find it, it'll be true love.
flyin v....... fo shizzle
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The Epi Firebird...Firebirds always have a unique sound to them...and they look cool too...
get teh firebird, nobody has those, they need a comeback
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