how's it going. i'm looking into buying an octave pedal to be able to create more layers through a looper. i'm trying to do my homework and review some of the octave pedals out there. so far, i've perused the boss oc-2 and oc-3 and the electroharmonix pog and mini pog.

i was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any of these or could give me their perspective on octave pedals.

I have the POG and its really awesome.

it does a convincing organ
it does a pretty good bass
it does an okay 12 string

and then it does one octave up or two octave up or one octave down better than anythign out there

let me say again how awesome the organ sound is
I have the oc-3 its an awesome pedal the only thing I wish it could do was go up an octave but I'm satisfied with it.

And you could go all-out and get the HOG.
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can an octave pedal do harmonies?
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cheers. thanks for the replies so far. i was wondering if you knew what the big differences between the pog and mini pog that EH puts out. any personal preferences or advices on that?

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And you could go all-out and get the HOG.

Why not?
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And you could go all-out and get the HOG.

you dont understand whammy does octave?
The cheap option is the Danelectro Chilli Dog.. alright for creating layers, although won't give a convincing bass sound
The Whammy is great, but if you're looking for chord tracking, and multiple layers of intervals, go for the pog.

The Whammy does do a decent bass sound though.
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