So Im getting a new amp in a few months because Im sick of my Line 6. I had the whole halfstack thing going but it was WAY too loud for my bedroom. Ok for jamming but outside of that..ehhh...
SOOO I'm in need of a new amp and after a few threads and a lot of questions I think I narrowed it down some.

And before you ask I'm a Metallica freak but I love to play ALL kinds of music so I need something versatile with a sweet clean.
Budget...well, lol...this is where my question comes up.

I dont want to say I dont have a budget but I want to limit myself as much as possible.
I'm really leaning towards a Mesa so I'm figuring $700-$1100. I know Metallica used Mesas and Ive never heard that *chug* out of any other amp.

I tried the express series at GC and maybe I didnt spend enough time with it but I think it wasnt good. Cleans were OK but I couldnt get the gain high enough.
Then I tried the Stilleto Ace which kicked ass but it has that classic rock gain which I love but I need more than that.
SO then I was thinking of the F-50 since it gets so much praise. But since Im willing to dish out that much, is it REALLY worth it to get a Mark IV maybe? Ive seen them for about $1000-$1100...I'm just not sure if its worth using all my cash on that..

THen I was thinking a head with a 2x12....would that be too much for home use (and jamming) too???
You say your Spider is too loud, and then look at 50+ watt tube amps....? For jamming maybe, but you'll blow your ****ing house down.
Where the hell did I say my spider is too loud? *grabs head* I said I'm sick of my spider...(pause) AND I had a halfstack and sold it...
EDIT: Whoops, nvm. Didn't realize you were talking about 2 different amps =D
The Mark IV really is a great amp and will give you very close to Metallica's tone. I'd also recommend the F-30/F-50 though, great amps and are very cheap now days.
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a mark iv is totally worth it if you can catch it at $900-$1100 considering they're average is $1300-1600 used.

and it's 85watts doesn't matter, it has a half power switch, and a class a setting.
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Im with you on the mesa. Good stuff and I cant say I either have heard anything else that has the delivery and punch of some of the higher gain mesa amps! Ive got the triple rectifier solo head. Id say try it out but its totally impractical for bedroom use being that its a massively powerful 150 watt head! Nah......just buy it anyways and put it in somebody elses bedroom when you play it. By doing that, it should be at a pretty comfortable volume in your room!

In all seriousness the mark IV is a very good offering thats a little more fitting for use in close quarters with the capability to get loud too.....and of course you already know that you dig the sound!
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dude, my 30 watt tube amp can't be cranked past 3 in my house or I'll get evicted lol.

a 50 watt is no practice amp, its an amp for large venues, without even being mic'd.

as for that chug, it depends on your playing. It is possible to get it out of other amps, you just have to jump through loops on the technique end. You'd be surprised at what your hands can do alone, even on a crappy amp, if you obsess over your technique.

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Tequnique aside and effects aside....the mesa high gain stuff just plain delivers different than most amps. I havent tried every amp out there, but Ive tried enough and the delivery of the sound and that "chug" is just unique with the mesa.

Yeah other amps/setups can make the sound, and playing technique definitely comes into play......but many other amps just dont deliver the frequencies the way this thing does. The mids in this amp seem to have attack and punch more comparable to a good bass guitar setup......and I think this is the main difference here. Even single note playin on the low strings really hammers as if you were wrenching on full chords. The voicing of those mids cuts through a mix really well cause there appears to be strong emphasis on the higher mids too where lots of your definition and attack come from(plus that "dense" low mid quality really pushes and makes it full and hard). If you like the sound the mesa makes.......then its the way to go cause I dont think anything makes that sound better! If you dont like that sound, the mesa might not be for you.
To hear what can be done with a pretty bare bones computer home studio, minimal cash and lots of time.....visit http://myspace.com/redlightcrisis I play the guitar on the tracks and take care of recording duties.